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Extend your swimming season!

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Solar Pool Heating - Pool Heating

Most pool owners experience their investment being too cold to swim in even though the days are sunny and hot. All that can be changed with an installation of a tried and tested Prosolar Solar Pool Heating System.

Solar heating has been around for many years. Extensive research and development has resulted in great improvement in the technology and materials used. Prosolar offers you solar solutions to effectively heat your pool using only the sun’s energy with no additional electricity costs.

Solar heating is the most cost effective and safest way to heat your pool. Alternate methods include Natural or Propane gas fired units, Oil burning units, Electric Immersion Element type units or Electric Heat Pumps. All of the above are expensive to install, incur a day to day running expense, and give off emissions. Solar Heating is inexpensive to install and thereafter free to run and leaves no carbon footprint.

So do I just get a warm pool in December then?

The advantages of Solar Pool Heating extend far beyond just being able to climb into a warm pool around Christmas time. With the system running it extends the swimming period too. Where as before you were only able to use your pool from November through to February, you could now extend that from as early on as September right through to April.

Increasing Swimming Time will Increase Children's Physical Health

Experts have always said that swimming is a brilliant and very easy way to increase cardiovascular workouts that will promote lung and heart health, with Increased flexibility and strength, improves stamina. It can also increase your's or your child's balance and posture.

Solar heating your pool is a cost effective and efficient way to curb childhood obesity. This ultimately will reduce the chance of juvenile diabetes.

The type of exercise your child will do has a very little impact on your and your child's joints and/or connective tissues compared to other types of exercise.

Even More Reasons to get Solar heating Below

Solar pool heating benefits include more comfortable water temperatures and energy costs that are much easier on the household budget. A solar heating system for a swimming pool is also better for the environment compared to other methods. Pool owners who invest in this type of system are able to enjoy swimming at any time of the year. Adding solar heating components does not increase electricity bills, and this system requires minimal installation costs.

Comfortable Water Temperatures

Mother and Daughter in Warm Solar Heated Water
Jumping into a cooler swimming pool can be enjoyable on the hottest summer days, but the water can become too cold for swimming once the weather temperatures begin to drop. A pool is normally an expensive investment, and many owners want to be able to enjoy it throughout the year. A solar heating system will increase the water temperature up to 40% for most pools, allowing swimmers to jump in even during the winter months.

No Increased Energy Bills

kids playing in a heated pool laughing
Since a solar heating system pulls and stores energy from the sun, it does not use any extra electricity. Once they are installed, the heating panels connect with the pool's existing pump to transfer the collected heat to the water. Pool owners also do not need to invest in another swimming pool pump for this heating system. The required number and dimensions of the solar panels depends on the size of the swimming pool. Technicians recommend that the panels measure at least half of the pool's square footage once installed.

Greener Pool Heating Systems

Hands holding a greener globe solar heating

Other types of heating systems for swimming pools include oil- and gas-burning units. Each of these contributes emissions to the atmosphere and increases a household's overall carbon footprint. Buying fuel for these pool heating systems presents an extra household expense, and some pool owners discover that prices can rise without warning due to market fluctuations. An oil or natural gas heating system also comes with higher installation costs because each of these requires additional components to work properly. Examples include fuel storage tanks and electric-powered transfer pumps. Switching to a solar pool-heating system reduces a household's impact on the environment. This option does not produce any emissions or come with expensive maintenance costs. It is also much easier to install than other swimming pool heating systems.

A Durable Heating System

couple splashing eachother in their swimming pool

Solar panels heating a swimming pool are manufactured from high quality materials that are able to withstand the elements. The transfer components are fabricated from polyvinyl chloride piping that resists cracking or other wear and tear over time. Each solar panel is fabricated from polypropylene and tested for durability during the manufacturing process. The solar pool heating benefits for homeowners are more numerous than those of other heating systems. Panels and transfer components are simple to install and do not require the same level of upkeep as other pool heating systems. Investing in solar pool heating panels leads to a quick return on the initial cost because homeowners are able to save money they would have otherwise needed to spend for maintaining another type of system.

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