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How It works?

How Solar Pool Heating Works

So how does our pool heating sytem work?

The system works using your existing pool pump to push water through the panels. The panels collect solar energy and transfer the heat to the water as it passes through. This heated water then gets returned to your pool through the jets in the normal way, raising the overall temperature.


How long does installation take

Installation takes one day and there is no need for anyone to enter your home bringing in dirt and mud! Our professional installers will be in and out in no time and before you know it your system will be up and running.

Okay, how many solar panels do I need?

As a rule of thumb, the surface area of panels should be a minimum of 50% of the surface area of your pool.

As roofs are not all the same it is necessary for us to manufacture a selection of different size panels. We have a standard range of 2m, 2.5m, 3m and 5m long panels. All panels are 1.25m wide with the manifolds being 1.3m wide. This however is not a limitation because being the manufacturer we are able to make any size required up to 6m in length.

What about the materials used?

Solar Heating Panel Cross Section 260x

Rigid PVC 50mm Piping and fittings are used to transfer the water between the pump and panels.

The panels themselves are made from high grade polypropylene which are then welded completely with one solid weld to the inlet and outlet manifolds.

Solar Heating Panel Cross Section 260x

Unlike other systems available on the market, Prosolar panels are completely sealed and cannot separate from the manifolds eliminating the need for repairs and maintenance.

The panels are also treated with a UV protective carbon which extends the lifespan. Typically a panel will last you ten to fifteen years.

What about a guarantee?

Prosolar systems carry a full five year guarantee on materials.


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